The Tree Of Life Wall Art in Green

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The tree of life wall hanging in green is beautiful, bright and creative.

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An absolutely beautiful, bright and creative cadi cotton "The tree of life" art wall hanging is something that needs to be seen in everyones home. 

Full of beautiful, elegant birds, leaves, flowers and the famous tree of life itself. Showing the traditional Indian "tree of life" made with stunning green, red, grey and dark blue colours.

Its meaning comes from its different aspects. The roots dig deep into the soul of the earth, embraces it as mother earth. The trunk establishes a solid foundation. The branches reach out to gain the nourishment of the sun, the leaves absorb this and collect energy and the fruit gives itself up as nourishment. Tree of life gift items have hidden meanings and a powerful mystic presence. 

This can also be used as a bedspread that would look beautiful on your bed, bringing your bedroom to life.


Material: Cotton

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